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Island Endeavour (Fiji) Pty Ltd (IEFL) is a Fijian incorporated company operating under the Fijian Government’s Look North Policy, which aims to strengthen trade relations and investment from neighbouring countries. IEFL’s main operating activities will be run from Nabouwalu and the economic zone around Vanua Levu. An office is set up in Suva, within close proximity to the processing facility and the gateway to the tourist market and overseas markets. IEFL is a for-profit entity. A percentage of profits generated from IEFL will be donated to Katalyst Foundation Charitable Trust Fiji.

Island Endeavour

From the Pristine Waters of Fiji


Island Endeavour (Fiji) Pty Ltd (IEFL) has provided the freshest, highest quality Fiji fish to wholesalers everywhere. Over the years, Island Endeavour has grown and developed from a processor of Cod and Haddock into a company that conducts business globally and provides a wide variety of fresh and frozen products.



The longline fishing method, careful handling and a managed cold chain ensures that the fish we catch are delivered to the customer in pristine condition. Every fish is graded on landing and carefully packed for airfreight. We regularly monitor the entire cold chain to ensure fish temps are maintained within optional ranges.


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